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Policy of Privacy

Area Technology takes in serious its privacy. This policy of privacy describes the personal information that we collected and as we used it. To see this record of policy of privacy to generally obtain but information on the privacy policies.

Compilation of Information of Routine

All the Web servers give pursuit of the basic information about their visitors. This information includes, but it does not limit itself, the directions IP, information of the navigator, hour configuration and pages of reference. No of this personal information can identify to the specific visitors to this site. The information registers for purposes of administration of routine and maintenance.

Cookies and Web Beacons

When it is necessary, Area Technology uses cookies to store to information about the preferences of visitors and file with the purpose of to serve better the visitors and/or to present the contained visitor customized.

The collaborators in publicity and third parties can use cookies, scripts and/or Web beacons to track to the visitors to nustro site with the purpose of to show to publicity and another useful information. Such pursuit is directly realised by third parties through its own servers and this subject to its own policies of privacy.

The control of its privacy

It considers that can change the configuration of its navigator to deshabilitar the cookies if you worry his privacy to him. It is not recommended to deshabilitar the cookies for all the sites since it can interfere with the operation of some sites. The best option is to qualify or to deshabilitar the cookies site to site. It consults the documentation of his navigator to obtain instructions on as blocking the cookies and other mechanisms of pursuit. This list of connections of administration of privacy of the navigating Web can also be useful.

Special note on the publicity of Google

Any publicity served by Google, Inc., and companies affiliates can be controlled using cookies. These cookies allow Google to show announcements based on their visits this and other sites that use the services of publicity of Google. It learns as not using the cookies of Google. As I am mentioned antreriormente, any tracking realised by Google through cookies and other mechanisms this subject to the policies of privacy of Google.

Information of Contact

Any restlessness or asks on this policy of privacy can be directed to [email protected] and sera clarified.

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