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Chains of Challenges for WhatsApp

chains of challenges for whatsapp

The social networks, platforms of chat and any other space within the Web for the communication between two or more people, take different colors at the time of initiating a conversation. As those long messages of the extinct platform of Hotmail Messenger, as well as the Blackberry Messenger that in principles angered to their users by the annoying chains that arrived.

And it is there where it changed everything, when it appeared Whatsapp and the capacity to spread a message was not as practical as in the case of the BBM and in the same way, the fast interaction allowed that the communication between the implied ones evolved, to the point of not controlling or bothering this type of users who really, were irritated.

challenges for whatsapp
These are some challenges for whatsapp that you can send

But although the annoying chains were not part of this new virtual culture, the certain thing is that also it appeared the fact of a more united society, globalised from the virtual connection and with her, a series of challenges, challenges or popularly Challenges call that united to great part of the planet in search of a challenge that demonstrated to the capacity of the people in a certain context or situation.

The perfect example was the IceBucketChallenge, that consisted of bathing with water very frozen in solidarity of those patients of a quite complex and little common disease that the body of the same paralyzed, in addition to causing this same sensation frozen in its skin at unexpected moments.

But more than to create it brings back to consciousness, was created a space of games and diversion for the users and with this, they were plus the laughter, ridicules and games that any other obtained in the end, in addition to not to have entered completely any platform but the one of Instagram, leaving to Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp in background, as means of diffusion for the most graceful or very particular cases.

Mobile arrived the turn

But as from the leisure or the inactivity many ideas flow, it began to be created a union between the old customs and the present world, with aims of flirting, friendship, curiosity or simply, to spend the time. Thus the challenges were born from Whatsapp.

That is Chains for WhatsApp?

they are part of the set of daily actions that can be in our conversations, as the jokes, fragments of other shared platforms there or any other information, even archives as Word, pdf, JPG, etc.

chains for whatsapp
chain for whatsapp

It consists of sending a series of steps that of being followed, finalize with an amount of information, games, penances or any other action that forms a true communicational chain that finally, can arrive again at the user who created them.

Types of Chains of Challenges To send by WhatsApp

  • Punishments: she is one of most common that they can exist and in fact, of oldest also, since they copy very old traditions that were even shared by means of E-mails and other platforms.

This type of messages, indicates that of not compartirse/difundir itself, some type of curse or bad luck will fall on you and this way, will be not at all nice consequences around your following actions or even your relatives. Until the moment, it has not been possible to verify that no of these real actions happens.

  • Information: very common in this type of platforms and other social networks, where the user invites to comment or to respond with certain type of interaction and the same, the emitter will have a determined answer, as the typical one “sends number 2 and I tell you how much I want to you”.

This type of action is considered in the first place as something of leisure, reason why there is no way to determine a true responsible or useful use for the same, as well as either the fact that to secure information it is necessary, simply, not to have anything to do he does not foment this type of action.

  • Flirting: most well-known, it is used and re-invented, reason why it is possible that you know better than we of what consists. In case you do not know it, simply one is based on sending a series of questions, list of emoticones or any other element that has a meaning to supplant a question, to obtain personal data of each one of the participants (yes, the flirting can be collective or group) and on the basis of it, to have subjects of mutual interest and to know how to take the conversation well.
  • Challenges: he does not mean that the others are not it, but this type really indicates the essence of the chains of challenges since in themselves, they entail a challenge and/or penance when finalizing, mainly being composed by mental questions, games, riddles or any other similar figure.

In this type of Chains of Challenges for WhatsApp, it is common to see phrases as “He comments one of the icons and I challenge to you, only for brave”, “If you respond bad the question mounts a history saying that you answered bad the question to me”, etc.

They are very common and funny, done for any type of situation or context and each one of the participants by a subject of “honor” they must follow the penance, you are not forced, but you would lose the respect of all and you would never enter again the game. Yes, it sounds a little infantile, but again, the leisure can arrive at this type of things.

Chains for WhatsApp de Amor

The Chains of challenges of Love are most direct and without a doubt, a true challenge to declare something. Between the Chains of Challenges for WhatsApp it is of clearest and direct for which they look for this purpose, reason why in case of seeing some “From the 1 the 100 how much you want” or any other seemed case to me, or you know by where the subject comes and unless it is a good friend or you have much interest, tries to maintain you far from the same and to avoid bad understood within the conversation.

chain for whatsapp of love
chain for whatsapp of love

Why used is so much the Chains for WhatsApp?

As we explained it in the beginning, this type of resources is ways to lighten the load of a conversation and therefore, is possible that they are even bridges of effective communication between two or more people, to lower the tension, to break the ice or as you want to call to him, being in addition, an option of diversion between all the participants.

In addition, the connected community more in this type of platforms, indeed in Whatsapp, is mainly a young population, activates and productive, very influenced by millenials and by this, it is possible that the amount of users also influences much in the success, when the feeling part of something interacting by means of these messages.

Without counting with the fact that right east type of users, they have very noticeable the custom to be locked up, isolate of the traditional world and for that reason, it is normal that they want to follow with this type of dynamic who allows interaction among them and to comprise of a separate world to which all do not have or want to have access.

But there are problems

Yes, one of the main ones is indeed the make to be before the possibility of being blocked, ignored or any other action that maintains to you aside from all type of conversation, since many of the users comprise of the community that migrated of the BBM and by this, do not tolerate nor want that they continue appearing annoying chains, long or of only games on their telephone.

In addition to this, as we emphasized in other lines, the fact to ignore the penances or any sent challenge, also it can produce that they do not take you in serious when you really want to comprise more, so basically you must be with one or another position, completely or section totally, than nothing in cases of telephones with corporative contacts, where seriousness it marks the respect and if in your histories or the conversations most frequent he is this type of Chains of Challenges for WhatsApp, is probable that they do not take you in serious.

Where encounter Chains for WhatsApp de Retos?

  • Creativity: first that you must know it is that somebody invents them or it invented and for that reason, you must very consider that the creativity is the first point to consider in this type of cases, as well as the fact to have always dynamic ideas to hook to the interested ones in this.

As recommendation, the funny love and challenges are the safest options to obtain than it shares of frequent and successful way, so it begins to enamor to all and you will have quick results.

  • Web: Web, always the Web. The Internet is the amplest world and diverse and this time will not be the exception.

Just by to place Chains of Challenges for WhatsApp in the finder, thousand of generating pages of challenges and users who share their ideas, they will appear in your screen and from there, you can share direct with a button, copy and stick in a window of Whatsapp Web or to take to end any other action, so there will be no problem in securing a good option to amuse with your friendly and each to you of your contacts.

chain of challenges for whatsapp

The important thing in this type of activities is to amuse to you and to be member of a group of good short whiles with which they want there to be, with curiosities and good questions that in addition, they can generate a somewhat cultural and rich custom in knowledge, to foment the learning. It sounds boring? Then ponle love and penances and to enjoy enough.