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How To release Ram memory of my Telephone

as releasing ram memory of my telephone

If you are reading this article surely you have problems with the speed of processing of your telephone or constantly you receive that annoying notification informing to you that no longer you have space in your device, in this post we will give some advice you of How releasing Ram memory of my telephone and ending this problem once and for all.

How to release Ram memory in my Cellular one so that it goes Faster?

First that you must know, that it is the ram memory and what function fulfills in your device, when purchases a telephone between his specifications you can appreciate the storage capacity RAM expressed in Megabyte or GB. RAM is the abbreviations of Random Memory Access (ram), is called thus because he is a type of memory to which random access can be had.

Also one knows as memory reading and fast writing him. Its function is to maintain prepared the applications that you use more, so that the processor does not completely extend them from the storage memory, consequently the process is made agile and the execution is faster.

When it is Necessary To release the Ram memory of the Mobile?

as erasing ram memory android
Erasing Ram memory of the Cellular one to obtain a better yield of the mobile.

When this memory is full the device uses the memory breaks to execute the applications, that is to say, stores data in the internal memory of the telephone, causing that the process is slower causing lag, the closing of applications and the well-known message “it is storage space little”.

Tricks To eliminate Ram memory in Android

It eliminates unnecessary applications: the first step, to review the applications in your device and to evaluate as you really use.

It looks for lighter options: At the moment in Play Store you would find the versions lite of your apps favourites, chooses by them and thus you will reduce the space that you consume in your device.

Pre of factory deactivates installed applications: Many of the applications that you have on your telephone come pre installed from factory and you do not use them for anything. Although you do not use a App could occupy your RAM in background, and be spending your battery without not even you know it. As this type of applications cannot be erased, the solution is that you deactivate them follows each one of the steps and discovers as releasing to the ram memory android:

  • It sees “Adjustments” > “Applications “
  • Here, you click sonre the application that you want and beats in “Deactivating “.
  • In this way the App will stop executing itself in background and it will not receive updates either.

It closes applications of the multitask: You can close all the applications in one go, or can close them one to one. If you want to close all the applications that you have in the multitask are very simple:

  • Simply you must enter the multitask doing click in the button of squared or the bars (following the model).
  • Once in the menu you will see all the Apps that you have open and you can close them all of one clicking on the squared one “To close everything”.
  • From Android 6,0 Marshmallow it is possible to be consulted how much memory consumes each application. In “Adjustments “> “Memory “> “Memory used by the applications “.

Nevertheless, if what you want it is to close only one application:

  • You must go to the” Multitask “
  • Here it beats with the finger moving it to the left or the right. You will see as it is closed (it disappears).

Applications To release Ram memory in Android

application to release ram memory in android
Applications to eliminate Ram memory of the cellular one, many you find them in the Play Store
  • The USA applications to release space: In Play Store they exist a great variety of applications that help to release the ram memory of your telephone. Next I will give the best options you.
  • Clean Master: She is one of the most popular applications at the moment and counts on several functions that will serve to you, to release RAM has an optimization unit that lets release the memory to you with a single touch. As well as to stop apps that is consuming the memory of the CPU and slows down your equipment.

It allows you to manage the applications that you are not using and it gives the option you to move them or to erase them. It allows to erase the files trash, it breaks and the files that you do not use, giving as result the improvement of the yield of your device, additionally it counts on an integrated anti-virus.

  • RAM Cleanup: He must as function release the ram memory of your device, allowing to save battery and to give rest to the processor. Its operation is very simple, is only necessary to initiate app thus to allow that the same optimizes the operation of you device.

This app counts on diverse options, one of them allows to release the memory completely you so that the device is quicker and helps to save the battery while these using your mobile. In order to use this app does not require any technical knowledge to remove all the benefit to him and to maximize the yield of your equipment.

  • Super RAM Boost: It had never been so easy to close unnecessary processes or applications that only consume the ram memory of your mobile. This app is similar to other allows to release your ram memory you of automatic form with only initiating it.
  • Smart Booster: it is an application with the utility To release Ram memory, now other alternatives as cleaning of breaks and Memory SD have been added. In order To release Ram memory it has a function that lets to you choose in four ways different to make an excellent cleaning: the Aggressive one, the Fort, the Means and the Gentle.

Once you choose the sort of cleaning, you can choose as you wish that it is executed, you can choose that it is executed automatically once in a while, to begin it of form. On the other hand, it will serve to you to verify the options to suppress files of Memory SD. This function examines files of important size and it lets suppress to photographies and music to you

Account with a manager of applications who will serve to see you the applications that you do not use, suppress them, to hibernate them or if it is possible to move them to Memory SD To release space of the internal Memory of the telephone.

  • Rootear your device: (Root, Rooting or Rutear) In extreme cases you can use this option is a used method to occur to the privileges of administrator or Super User (SuperUser) of the operating system Android. A normal user in Android does not have right to erase or to modify the archives of the operating system.

When turning into super-user, doors are opened to us that the system had closed until the moment, since we will be able to manipulate all archives. Many users do not dare to use this method by fear. In the network you would find great variety of forms to rutear your equipment according to the device that you own.

All these options would help to release space you in your memory, without mattering if your equipment is of the low range. Of course, in equipment with a RAM inferior to 1Gb the changes will not be able to be appreciated so efficiently, the search exceeds How to release Ram memory of my telephone that brought to you until here we hoped already this resolved!