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As Recovering Conversations of WhatsApp

as recovering conversations of whatsapp

In many occasions we occur the task of eliminating all the conversations that we have in ours whatsapp, but for some reason we remembered that we had something very important, either a telephone number a photo or a video but or we have erased it. but calm! You do not enter panic because in this tutorial we are going to teach to you how to recover erased conversations of whatsapp.

How To recover Messages Erased of whatsApp

Nowadays already we told on many technological advances and those that stand out more are the smartphones android that they count on a data base where they still store much information if you have eliminated it.

The messages erased of whatsapp that you will be able to recover of a quite simple form are those that do not surpass a duration of more than 7 days since if it surpasses that amount the process to recover them is more difficult but nonimpossible.

How To recover Eliminated Conversations of Whatsapp

First that you must do it is to assure to you that you have well formed your mobile for the backup copy, it follows the steps to activate the backup copy:

  • First it enters your whatsapp
  • Soon in the right corner superior are 3 small points in line you must give him and a menu will unfold.
  • Soon you go to click in Adjustments and soon in Chats and it presses on Backup copy following the button To keep. and it will begin to realise a copy immediately.

Another very important thing that you can do is to give permission him or to tie your account of gmail mail with your whatsapp so that you have a copy of all data.

to recover conversations in whatsapp in ios
Steps to recover conversations of Whatsapp in iOs

To recover Erased Recent Conversations of and easily fast Whatsapp

  • First that you must do it is to completely eliminate your whatsapp of your mobile.
  • Soon direct you to the Play Store and unloadings again the App
  • Once in the installation process you pedira that if you want to recover all messages and you only must click in the option To recover.
  • And you will see as already you have all messages that had been erased, but must consider eliminated that if some are not is because they have been time enough and to recover them it is another process that we will see next.

To recover Messages of Whatsapp when changing of Mobile

In order to recover the chat when changing of device android is practically equal to the explained thing previously and it only is to apply the logic.

In order to be able to recover everything to normality on our new telephone first that we must do it is:

  • To install Whatsapp
  • and in the process of installation you pedira an access to your gmail account where you must have your done backup copy that we taught to you to do.
  • the others are very simple you only must recover everything and ready.

How To recover Older the erased Messages of Whatsapp

If you have several weeks that you have erased all messages of whatsapp even months even you have the opportunity to recover all messages with the following method.

First it is that we go to you to do one warning when using this method since when trying to recover older the messages erased of whatsapp you can eliminate the new messages.

Steps to recover conversation of watsap:

  1. It connects your movable device to the computer by means of an USB cable
  2. In the internal memory of your device is a called folder Whatsapp/Database in which you must copy all the content that there is in her.
  3. Once already you have everything copied create a folder to you in the PC and beat what you have copied.
  4. Soon you must of coming to the desinstalación of the App from whatsapp.
  5. The following thing is to open the folder that you beat in the computer and to erase this file “msgstore.db.crypt7”
  6. Soon it selects the backup copy that you want to recover and changes the name “Msgstore-Year-Month-Day ypt7” by “msgstore.db.crypt7”  
  7. Soon It installs again the App de Whatsap but you do not have to open it.
  8. It copies the file msgstore.db.crypt7 to the folder whatsapp/Database
  9. fact all the steps you already can precede to April your application of whatsapp and when him DES in Recovering appears all the old messages that you had eliminated previously

If it is even made you difficult to follow these steps, we are going to show this tutorial video to you so that you can recover your messages of whatsapp of very simple form only follows the steps