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My Mobile Does not connect to the Wifi Reasons and Solutions

my reason is not connected to wifi

At the moment all the movable devices count on a plan of data and we can accede to Internet via 3G or 4G, if we counted on cover, but as soon as our mobile detects a network Wifi we do not lose the opportunity to connect itself, since a network Wifi usually is faster and we avoided to consume our plan before the date, but What happens when our equipment is not connected? , in this article you would find some reasons and what to do if your mobile is not connected to the Wifi.

Why isn't my Mobile connected to the Wifi? It has solution?

The answer is Yes! , the options that we give you next, are easy to apply and they will serve to you whether you have an Android device or iOS.

  • By idiot who seems first that you must do it is to assure you that your device this forming to connect to a network wifi. How to do it?
    • If you own an Android, it enters to “configuration” or “Adjustments” soon you select “wireless Connections” followed of “Wifi”.
    • If your mobile is iOS enters to “Adjustments” and you select “Wifi”.

When finishing this action, will have to appear all the networks available with and without password, you choose the network that you wish to use and if it has security you enter the password, after this will be connected automatically in future occasions.

My Mobile is not connected to the Wifi of house

my reason is not connected to wifi of the house
My Cellular one is not wanted to connect to the Wifi that I can do.
  • Still you have problems? It verifies with another device (Movable, tablet, PC) that you have at the hand and tries to connect them to that network of Wifi.
    • If no of the devices can be connected and you have access when router, reinitiate it, often the problem appears when this it has been long ignited time. It tries to connect to you again, (without mattering that your equipment cannot only be connected, it conducts this battle).
    • It verifies if WiFi in the deactivated modem this, if the mobile is connected to other networks and in your WiFi no, is possible that you have it deactivated. In order to activate it must it enter the option configuration of the modem or to router.
    • It verifies if the name of WiFi is hidden, so that it appears must enter the configuration of the modem and select the option to show/to hide WiFi.

Why my doesn't Cellular one Take hold the Wifi?

my cellular one does not take hold wifi
Looking for some signal to take hold wifi.

If your device is only that you have this problem conducts the following battles:

  • It verifies if is active the option “Anchorage of network”, this allows you to share your data with other devices and to work as router, turning your device into an emitter of signal instead of a receiver, avoiding that you can be connected to any network, verifies that this deactivating.
  • A little orthodox option but that has worked for several users is: It activates the way airplane and it reinitiates your equipment, they wait for 10 second and they deactivate the way airplane.
  • It verifies if you can connect to another network wifi, Of to be positive the answer, with reinitiating router will have to be enough to resolve the problem. On the contrary it can be due to a damaged file or a problem in the configuration of the equipment you have two options:
    • To update Software, Android, enters menu of adjustments of your device, looks for and selects option “About device”, Selects “Update of software”, Beats the option “To update”. If there is a new version of software available, it appears in the screen.

In iOS, It connects the device and connects it to Internet through WiFi. It looks for the option of Adjustments of your device, directs you to “the General” section, beats the option “Update of software”, soon Beats “To unload and To install”, to update now, beats “To install”, If it is requested to you, introduces the password of YOU GO of Apple or the code.

Steps to connect you to wifi of your house if it even continues giving error to you

  • To recover Adjustments of Makes, Android to begin your device enters the menu of Ajustesde, and in “the Personal” section, between the options that you will see it looks for and it beats on the option “To restore factory data”. When doing you will initiate it the process to erase all the data. Both following steps are basically of confirmation.

In first a list of all the personal data will occur you that you are going to erase, and to continue you will have to beat on “Restoring telephone”. Next one will let know to you that the action cannot be undone, and to confirm and to initiate you will have it to give him “To erase everything”.

Now, the mobile will take some minutes to resetear itself, and when it does it will be reinitiated automatically and it will show the same screen to you of beginning configuration that you will see with any other device that you finish buying and must form for the first time.

In iOS Entra the menu of adjustments of your device, and in “the General” section, selects the option “To restore”, next it beats “To erase Content and Adjustments”.

It is requested to you to introduce the password of YOU GO of Apple or the code. Next, it confirms that you want to erase the device, hopes to that the device erases, following the device that you have, the process of complete erasure of the data could last several minutes.

For both cases it is recommended to realise a backup copy, in case you do not want to lose the information that you have stored, if nonaccounts with one done and updated. This information would be stored in your associate Google account. If you have doubts exceed how to do it, in the Web you would find tutorial and videos to obtain it.

  • If in last instances you continue presenting the same problem, tries manually adding the network wifi.
    • In Android it selects “To add network Wifi”.
    • In iOS it selects “Another one”.

In both devices to add the network wifi you will need data as type security, SSID (public name of a wireless local area network (WLAN) that serves to differentiate it from other radio networks in the zone. SSID is the name of the network that specific when forming the network Wi-Fi) and of being necessary, the key.

In this point you already must not have problems to connect your mobile to wifi, but after proving these methods still you present the same difficulty, is very probable that the antenna of wifi of your device is damaged, in this case the only solution is to take movable you to a technical service of confidence.