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Special clocks in the World of the Technology

special clocks

Some ago years it seemed that the clocks were going to disappear of our lives, but arrived the moment, the precise moment at which they appeared the intelligent clocks with Apple Watch.

But what she does not know much people are that there are many special clocks and with unique characteristics outside smartwatch that reign right now in the market.

We are going to repair in some of these well-known and little rare clocks, with unique new features that it does really special.

Clock of I bequeath

One of the clocks that are causing sensation at present in a clock made with pieces of I bequeath.

It does not have a strap more than it simulates to be pieces of I bequeath united to a digital clock, a so simple idea that it is leading the sale of clocks online.

Clock Calculator of Casio

They were wonderful years 90 and this so special clock was fashionable, a clock is historical of which everybody guard a great memory.

All the noventeros lived the time on the rare Casio clocks will know it and nowadays they are going it to want to return to buy.

The capacities of this clock were unique for the time, was able to be used as calculator, capacity for 5 alarms, a converter of currencies and some models until were able to change the channel of the television.

Binary clock

By his name or you will be able to be imagined that this clock goes, this clock is the ideal gift for the lovers of the computer science or frikis of the technology.

Its unique characteristic is that it gives the hour in binary code. And if you are going it to give, quick attention that the person who goes it to receive knows to read this code.

It is not a clock expensive or exclusive, but very special for the person who wears it.

Zurich Part Time

It is possible to have a unique and special sand clock? Then although little known if that exists, we spoke of Zurich Part Time a digital sand clock.

Zurich Part Time enters within the category of exclusive super clocks, as much is so 500 units have only made anywhere in the world.

This so special clock appeared in the fair of Zurich the design of Andreas Mossner and caused as much sensation as commotion between the assistants.

To know the hour in this special clock is not a simple task.

The horizontal line of the same brand the hours, and the vertical the minutes. Little by little and over the years the blue surface of the screen falls, so that to 23:59 H it will be an almost imperceptible strip (corresponding to less than 1 minute) of blue surface.

A useful but little very exclusive clock.

Great Breguet Complication, Marie Antoinette

The Great Breguet Complication is the most expensive clock of the world, and for this reason it only deserves to be in this list.

This clock costs 30 million dollars, and the value is in its history. In 1775 they order to Abraham-Louis Breguet from French real family and unique clock to him with the functions more outposts of the time.

The design was finished by the son of Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1827, when María Antonieta, adressee of the same, and Breguet already was dead.

Cabestan clocks

Perhaps the rarest clock of the list, and this turns it into most special of all.

Why it is so special east clock? Most impressive of this clock it is that the mechanism that makes work is had vertically and the reading the hour that not for of linear form but by means of rotating drums. An authentic wonder of mechanical engineering in miniature.

The same belongs to the Jean-François Ruchonnet brand, if you want an original clock and really only you must take a clock cabestan.

Albert Einstein Relativity Analog Watch

With a so long name we were with which it would be possible to be considered as the clock of relativity.

That does so special to this clock inspired by the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein?

In this so rare clock, the needles of the hour remain quiet totally, while the numbers rotate in the space and only the minutes move. Peculiar and impressive to equal parts truth?

In the world there are tens of special clocks with unique characteristics, these are only 7 examples of all the fascinating one that can you can take in your wrist.