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Zfactura the Best Program of Invoicing 2018

better program for invoicing

Zfactura is the best program to invoice. It is a program of invoicing designed by Ziclope, especially for the small one and average company “SMEs”, as for professional independent and also independent, its peculiarity with respect to management is that it allows the configuration of different models from invoices, budgetary groups by means of a powerful publisher who includes the program.

Account with different series from invoicing and is compatible with the system of Windows 10 for computer and tablet.

Typical of the Program of Invoicing (Zfactura)

The use of Zfactura is recommended since this it is the best program to invoice and counts on technical support and updates including; it is the own developer of the program that is in charge of the same to realise the new updates agreed those that are available, if that you must worry to you about you swim but, they are automated updates that are essential to gain time.

It owns security of data guaranteed in the cloud of Microsoft. In the case of Zfactura the data are retained in servers of Microsoft, which counts on security and reliability assurances that entails, the data always are accessible from any site, the 24 hours of the day; the 365 days of the year, from any place of where you are that you have access to the Web.

You can consult the data of a client, make an invoice, I among others present options, everything from your own mobile phone.

It allows to obtain a continuous pursuit of the sales that the one that we can specify the lot numbers of each sold product, I number of series, guarantee, date of enters, lapsing. E-mails in format HTML allows him to send his and to include images in the message and the signature of the mail.

You limit of the Program of Zfactura invoicing

This program of invoicing does not have a limit for the concepts, grants to elaborate budgets and invoices without any limit of texts in the concepts and products. Also, also texts with formats rtf can be used so that him of support to different sources from colors, elm and size.

It has a manager of information who allows him to design his own models of invoices, groups of budgets, including additional data as logos, alternative directions. ZFactura comes accompanied from diverse models of invoices and other predefined information.

ZFactura offers the possibility him of interacting with its information. It can expand the information of his clients, suppliers, book of income and expenses, etc with a mouse click. For a greater compression it sees this demonstrative video: It would benefit from the power of the interactive information.

We are In Law

This adapted to the European Regulation for the protection of data (the EU) 679/2016 known as RGPD (or in English GDPR) that enters in force from the 25 of May of 2018 and that is of obligatory fulfillment. It has more information in our specialized blog.

Thanks to his powerful publisher of information, you will be able to form the aspect of your invoices to your pleasure. That yes, as much power is pleased and is that the design can be so exhaustive at least intuitive. Beyond the aesthetic one, between his more useful functions it emphasizes the possibility of obtaining information on your income and expenses facilitating to him the obtained benefit.

Also it can calculate basic information as product listings, clients, etc. Has the option to create a backup copy of its data each certain number of days in the location that you wish as you can be an USB key, External Disc, NAS or even Dropbox.

But as everything, this programmer counts on small faults that could harm the user. We depend at any moment on a connection to Internet. If this it fails to us, we will not be able to work. It creates a dependency to us of the supplier of the service.

If hosting where it is lodged software fails, we will not be able to accede to the data. In this sense, that this software is lodged in the servers of Microsoft, it gives guarantees us than sufficient more.

It does not have the option to categorise clients and it does not have more extensive fields to enter extra information of each client in particular, only a field “Observations”. It does not have the option to form the correlative numbers of invoices.

It is important that our data are lodged in a confidence supplier, that guarantees the confidentiality to us of the data. If our company grows, and the application that we are using we has left small, we can be found with difficulties at the time of transferring the data to another program that us of majors benefits.

Conclusion of the Program Zfactura 2018

Doubt does not fit that the decision to adopt a solution of invoicing of this type happens to value which are our personal needs, since each company is a world. And as always there will be one who it prefers to continue having his data under his own safekeeping, the developer offers this same software (Zfactura) in a version and that stores the data in your own computer.

The program fulfills and so it is required to take a control and to manage invoices without falling in eccentricities of management for the people, becomes this way an independent or professional tool for any independent one that works more with service than with products.