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whatsapp extra apk 2018


WhatsApp Extra APK 2018 | How To unload and To install Ultima Versión in Android

7 Tutorial Step by step As Installing WhatsApp Extra APK 2018

8 How To update WhatsApp Extra Free?

  • To unload WhatsApp Extra 2018
  • WhatsApp extra is an application totally free and very simple to unload. So that its unloading is done to you easier and you do not lose any information, you only must follow the following steps to be able to enjoy this incredible App.
  • Mainly you must have in your Androit device the original version of WhatsApp unloaded and installed from your Play Store.

You do a backup copy of your chats or conversations from the menu of options. Desinstala WhatsApp APK Extra. You only go to desinstalarlo, you would not eliminate the folder of the application.

Unloading of simple form the APK WhatsApp Extra

to unload whatsapp extra apk


To unload WhatsApp Extra APK

To unload WhatsApp Extra APK in these times has become a tendency for all the consumers of Androit whom they try to enjoy a unique experience while they establish conversations with its friendly by means of the famous App of instantaneous mail. Possibly that has been the reason that has taken to you until this site we felt like prides to say that these to you in the indicated place. That we will show to you step by step as unloading WhatsApp extra APK to your mobile.

The fundamental thing that we must know to realise the unloading of WhatsApp extra APK, is to unload the file of the famous MOD.

After to have culminated the unloading, you will have a file with the label (APK) in what you must keep as if it was a fortune in the external card of your mobile. For a moment we will forget the file and we will advance to one of the passages of greater importance.

To eliminate the main App of WhatsApp soon to manage to unload the APK of WhatsApp Extra 2018, is one of the passages of greater importance when installing the MOD that is not original, since it is not possible to be owned the two applications at the same moment installed in the mobile. Nevertheless, you do not have to be alarmed by anything then WhatsApp extra APK would work of the same form or until better than the original version.

In order to eliminate the original version of your mobile you must go to the menu of adjustments and be called on in “Manager of applications “or “applications” (the name of this option depends on the Androit version that you have at that moment or the type of device that you have). When we are inside, it will arise a list that contain all the applications and games that we have in the mobile, reason why we only needed to find the App “WhatsApp”, we will click on the same and we will press the option of Desinstalar.

to unload apk whatsapp extra 6.60

With that last finished step we are already ready to install APK WhatsApp Extra in our movable device and to be able to enjoy this incredible App.

To unload APK WhatsApp Extra 6.60

If you wish to lower to the last version of WhatsApp extra of the 2018, then you arrived at correct place. Today we will provide to the version of WhatsApp Extra to you 6,60 that you will be able to unload free.

  • This last version of the 2018 provides multiple functions to you new outposts. When unloading this App you will have good characteristics and you were enchanted with the same. In this last version it gives the option you to have private conversations being able to hide the blue brands, you will have the video option called, will be able to hide the state of the recording in the group chats and the writing, you will be able to hide your completes connection and many characteristics more than offer this new version to you.
  • We presented the new new features to you that to you WhatsApp offers extra 6.60
  • You obtain different characteristics from privacy.
  • Anti-Go (Prohibition of Mod test): now WhatsApp cannot prohibit him you use the application.
  • Now he is compatible with the option of Call Video.
  • The users have the possibility of hiding his completes connection and to hide the blue tics after reading the messages (to hide when you leave in sight)
  • While he is occupied, he gives the option to answer other users automatically.
  • Great videos of until a capacity of 30 can be sent easily Megabyte.
  • It offers to different beautiful subjects and servers from subjects.
  • You have the possibility of adding up to 256 members within a group.

It gives the opportunity you to send more than 12 photos of hi-res

Archives of documentation of until 100Megabyte can be resent.

Characteristics of WhatsApp Extra

Flagrant characteristics but:

One of the new characteristics and that it likes more the users is the new availability whom it has referring to caritas, memes and emoticons. To the users this resource enchants to him to express itself far better, because this count with more than 400 new emoticons, the great majority similar to those of Messenger or Skype and also famous memes as Lol, Forever alone among others.

Another one of the favorites of people is the one of “Chatear privily”, WhatsApp Extra completes version gives the possibility you of clearing the line state. you don't want that your contacts or somebody in specific see that these connected? Now we offer that tool to you, also you will have the opportunity of hiding the hour of your last connection using the App de Plus Donation in your mobile.

If you are of the users who enchant to them to send infinities of photos and archives, now thanks to WhatsApp enormous extra you will be able to send an amount of images without these to lose his quality;  since as we know, often when a photo by WhatsApp was sent, this lowered the quality level of the same so that it sent outside faster. The same situation happens with the videos, now you will be able to send them in high quality and complete.

Many of the users the attention calls much to them the aspect of its App, because now you will have excellent options to personalize your App to your preference, entering the catalogue that offers the menu and lowering the one of your preference; since are subjects realised by different users, so who you found a great variety to choose.

If you are of the users who enchant the groups to them, this characteristic will be your favorite: with WhatsApp extra you will be able to observe the state of each one of the contacts that are in the group as well as you will be able to see the icon of the same, if it doubts some this improved your experience within the application.

With the last update you will be able to have a little but of privacy, since it offers the option to you to clear check blue of the conversations, thus they will not realize if already you read the conversation. Very ingenious no? Thus you will be able to avoid to have fights with your pair.

Unloading of very simple form these wonderful subjects that we have preparation for you which you are visitor of our page area technology where you can find solutions to everything almost.

  • To unload subjects for WhatsApp Extra 2017
  • Other characteristics of WhatsApp extra:
  • You can change the size of the images of the contacts of the chat and until of head.
  • You can hide your states, this choosing the date and the hour in which are the others.
  • You can place longer phrases in the states.
  • To have two accounts of Whats in your device, for it is necessary to lower and to install GB WhatsApp.
  • You can observe one preview of any video that happens to you.
  • You can hide your name.
  • You can hide your states, this choosing the date and the hour in which are the others.
  • It gives the option you to observe mass media without load.

Color of the beginning icon.

Design material.

Requirements To unload and To install WhatsApp in your Androit

First that you need for the unloading your WhatsApp extra in your Androit device, it is to have the unloaded original version from the Play Store.

If you want to maintain your information creates a backup copy of all conversations of the menu of Options of Chat and you are located in (To keep conversations).

Desinstala the App de WhatsApp but without eliminating the folder of the application, soon activates the option To install Apps from average exteriors. WhatsApp unloading extra and installs the APK of WhatsApp extra.

Fulfilling these requirements your new WhatsApp extra a new version of the instantaneous messenger will be installed as and would load your kept conversations, of such way will not be lost the contacts and the conversations previous to the installation of the new application, thus you will be able to enjoy your same data but new options configuration and personalisation.

to update whatsapp free extra

Tutorial Step by step As Installing WhatsApp Extra APK 2018

How To update WhatsApp Extra Free?

If we already counted on this App installed in our device and wished to update it to his newer version, we only must follow the following lineaments:

# Ingresa the App de WhatsApp Extra.

it #Diríjase to the menu.

#Ingresa to the option Extra.

# Escoge the Option of Updates and follows the steps that they indicated to you.