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The Green Technology Innovating the World

green technology

The term “technology” talks about anywhere in the world to the application of the knowledge for practical and innovating aims.

The field of the “green Technology” covers an enormous group in constant evolution with methods and materials, from techniques to generate energy to nontoxic products of cleaning. The concept (Green) is united to several objectives that are to take care of the environment (to recycle, to reuse, to reduce,).

What it is really created on this the green technologies is that this field will bring innovation and changes in the daily life of magnitude similar to the explosion of the “technology of the information” in last the two decades. In these first stages, it is impossible to predict what can include the “green technology”.

That is in fact the Green Technology?

It is a relatively new field that has quickly grown as the people have taken brings back to consciousness of their effects which affect the environment, including global warming and the greenhouse effect. It is an ample field and, sometimes, politically controverted. The green technology is one of the sectors of use of faster growth and surely it is much more that a fleeting tendency. The types of green technology go from very simple tasks that they are possible to be realised in his home until systems highly specialized.

The objectives that inform the developments in this field that is in fast growth, these include:

Sustainability: to satisfy the needs with the society so that it can continue indefinitely in the future without damaging nor run out the natural resources. In summary, to satisfy the present needs without jeopardizing the capacity of the future generations to satisfy its own needs.

Design “of the cradle to the cradle”: the cycle “of the cradle to the manufactured product tomb” finalizes, by means of the product creation that can recover or completely be reused.

Reduction of the source: reduction of remainders and contamination by means of changes in the landlords of production and consumption.

Innovation: development of alternatives to the technologies, or is combustible fossils or chemical intensive agriculture, that have demonstrated that they damage the health and the environment.

Viability: to create a center of economic activity around technologies and products that benefit to the environment, accelerating their implementation and being created new races that really protect the planet.

Some Examples of thematic areas of the green Technology


Perhaps the most urgent problem for the ecological technology, this includes the alternative fuel development, new means to generate energy and efficiency energetics.

Ecological construction

ecological sandal everything, from the election of the construction equipments to the place where is the building.

Purchase preferred from the environmental point of view

This governmental innovation implies the product search whose contents and methods of production have the smaller possible impact on the environment, and demands that these are the products preferred for the purchase on the part of the government.

Green chemistry

invention, design and application of chemical agents and processes to reduce or to eliminate the use and the generation of dangerous substances.

Green nanotechnology

The nanotechnology implies the manipulation of materials on the scale of the nanometer, one milmillonésima part of a meter. Some scientists think that the domain will arrive from this subject that will transform the form into which everything makes in the world. The “green nanotechnology” is the application of ecological chemistry and the principles of green engineering in this field.

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