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To unload GBWhatsApp 2018 Ultima Versión

to unload gbwhatsapp 2018

GBWhatsApp is a MOD for WhatsApp and this it is used to have new functions in this App of instantaneous mail and chat. This indicates that she is a shaping one of the original application but has not been carried out by the developers of the original version and either with the authorization of the same.

Those users who have this MOD have the possibility of undergoing different functions in WhatsApp as they are it:

  1. - They have the fortune to form the interface of the user to his preference being personalized changing it the source and his size, they also can apply this exchange rate in the colors
  2. – different options obtain to control their privacy, hiding the state or the blue double check without stopping seeing the one of the rest of the contacts.
  3. – two telephone numbers in the same WhatsApp can use if the necessity to carry two cards SIM.
  4. – different options unlike the classic version to share archives multimedia and documents with its contacts.

The use of this MOD does not vary much in comparison with the one of the original WhatsApp since this development as a result of this App conserving itself the majority of its functions and their form to work. Then, we were not with one addon to extend its characteristics, but before an independent App.

For this reason of dependency GBWhatsApp in the device cannot be installed if we already counted on WhatsApp, since the operating system detected it as a duplicate of the application.

This MOD is one of most popular comparing it with WhatsApp Extra, since the majority of the user looks for to have new functions in the Appde instantaneous mail and that the developers of the same did not seem that they include it in the short term.

Characteristics of GBWhatsApp

Shortly we will mention the best characteristics of the GBWhatsApp that can settle in their mobile and enjoy the same, between the functions available of this App we will be able to hide I complete sight, to hide tick blue, the second tick among others, these and many more functions you will be able to enjoy through this App.

GBWhatsApp can be unloaded to its mobile and in this way to enjoy its benefits. Also it can personalize his subjects or also to personalize the application according to his convenience.

  • - The name of a group of a total of up to 35 characters will be able to be established.
  • - it counts on the last version of WhatsApp of chat contacts.
  • - a padlock of security in its WhatsApp can add, without the dependency of an external software.
  • - the icon of the notification and the icon of the application can change or vary, to hide when it is in line.
  • - to send images of 90 with only a paper clip instead of to have the tedious task of sending 10 images.
  • – video called of high duration.
  • – to hide completes it connection, to hide when it is being written in message.
  • – the same message of diffusion can send at the same time until a total of 600 people.
  • - the state with a total of 255 characters unlike the classic version can be placed that are of 139 characters.
  • – the possibility offers of maintaining to you in line.
  • - they do not exist the prohibition problem.

These and many more characteristics have this GBWhatsApp, you can unload right now this app in your movable device and enjoy their functions. Low the last version available so that you undergo the new functions of this App.

GBWhatsApp Descargar Free

For many GBWhatsApp he is the replacement of WhatsApp Extra, unites version formed of the original application WhatsApp that brings new functions and characteristics, that allow you to personalize the different subjects from graphic, where it allows to add to them colors you, subjects and others tweaks that they come with a new and better version as the one from increase in the limit of the ascent of archives of musics until taking them to 16MEGABYTE, adding to the contact photo messages, to share music with only pressing a click and one of which it more likes the users, the one to be able to hide the state I gave line and your it completes connection, etc.

It is very easy to unload and to install it and you can do it of gratuitous way acceding to the Web.

But, cases where GBWhatsApp cannot free of charge be unloaded, since exist. If you look for to lower to this App for his iphone, it was disappointed, because GBWhatsApp for iphone is not to disposition. Disponles of GBWhatsApp for Androit of gratuitous way are infinities of subjects. But, for the devices iphone does not exist availability.

How To unload GBWhatsApp Free?

In order to unload GBWhatsApp mainly you must fulfill the following requirements:

+ active Phone number.

+ 2,2 Androit or superior (tablets or Smartphone).

+Conexión to Internet.

+ Possibility of receiving messages.

However, if you fulfill these requirements you must happen to the following steps to realise the unloading of your App.

  • Baja GBWhatsApp to your movable device.
  • It enters the configuration of Android from the adjustments and where it is the section of (Security and privacy), it presses in (Blockade of applications) for therefore the device it allows that a App settles that is not originating of PlatStore.
  • It installs GBWhatsApp in your device, or tablet or mobile.
  • it enters the App and it accepts all the permissions that leave to you.
  • It introduces the phone number that you use or an active phone number and you verify. It would take some minutes, would be called on to hope to you. Later they would send a code to you of verification via text message.
  • If you managed to keep the backup copy from your chats, it presses to recover, following the size of the archives the process will be a little slow or light.
  • You already only have left to introduce your name, photo of profile and state if you wish it.

After that, you would only have left to enjoy the different advantages that to you the App de GBWhatsApp against the accidental WhatsApp offers. An improvement version of this App of instantaneous mail, but with functions similar to the WhatsApp extra.

Unloading GBWhatsApp Ultima Versión

The last version of BGWhatsApp is the best improved version of WhatsApp with infinities of extraordinary functions, as to hide your I complete sight, change of the thematic one among others. This MOD would take to you to experience a more advanced level of WhatsApp. It is easy to unload and to install and works in devices With or without root. Many MODS of WhatsApp exist available, but this last version is considered the best one of all.

A same movable device or tablet can also be used with the official App WhatsApp and as Dual WhatsApp in, which gives another one him of its so many advantages of version 6.40.

Now that you know that you can find unloading this last version, we will show its main characteristics to you of use.

*la last version gives the possibility you of using two simultaneous accounts from the same application and to have the necessity of they change of SIM.

* it offers functions to You that will improve your privacy, where you can hide your states, to establish a password of chats without having the necessity to lower a App of security, to hide when you write or you record a voice note.

* it gives a greater extension you at the time of sharing documents and archives multimedia as images and videos, you can send your documents in TXT formats, pdf, or Word documents of up to 50 megas, it shares your contacts with greater facility, shares your location with only a click.

*te gives a better customized user interface with better access to the camera, adjustment of source of text to your convenience, new and different menus for the search from your contacts.

How To update GBWhatsApp?

The method of update of GBWhatsApp is not the same that of the classic WhatsApp Messenger, since commonly the one of this App in Androit is carried out through Google Play Services. In order to update this MOD you must follow the following steps:

  1. First you must do since you did in the installation of GBWhatsApp. That is to say, before nothing you have nothing you must make a backup copy of your chats if you want to conserve them after the restoration.
  2. It sees the menu of Adjustments of your Androit device and in the manager of applications, it presses to desinstalar your GBWhatsApp.
  3. It unloads the last version or the version that you wish of the App.
  4. Or unloaded, open it like when you installed it for the first time, from the tray of notifications of the operating system or any other folder that you have formed previously to keep the unloadings.
  5. Beam click on and the continuous one following the passages for the installation. Once finished you can eliminate the APK to clear a little space.
  6. Finally, since you did with your first unloading. It returns to register your phone number and it recovers your kept conversations.

As you can observe the update of this App is similar to its installation since as we named previously not it is managed by Google Play Services. This happens since this App does not have connection with the system of update of applications of Google because it cannot be unloaded from the main store of Apps de Androit because it is a nonauthorized modification by his proprietors.

The modifiers officials of any Apps commonly are not vetoed not to fulfill the norms that the Store dictates.