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Types of Software who Exist

types of software

At present, an ample range of software exists that adapt to the necessity of each user, or an expert programmer of binary codes or a novice that with great difficulty remember where this the key of at sign (@).

But calm, the world of the computation does not discriminate and has a software for each of us according to the ability who we have in the computer. Between this ample range they include the operating system, that is to say, system software, the essence of a computer.

On the other hand, we have the programming software, that consists basically of allowing a user to create its own programs; And finally we have the applications package, that it facilitates to design programs to realise specific functions in a computer, as writing up a document in Word.

What is does a Software and why serve?

Software considers as to part intangible and logical of computer, that is to say that it constitutes everything what gives ‘’ vida' him ‘to this device, includes a set of programmings, tools of the servant, archives and data bases that are corresponded to the operating system.

This it can be subject to a use license or simply to allow the access to any user of free and gratuitous form.

According to the necessity and ability of the user, software can fulfill a countless number of limitless functions that in addition to making agile the process of an idea, the improvement and it perfects in his result.

For example the edition of a photography, something that in the days of the caverns towards by hand and took long time, now only it takes to raise an image the program and in a matter of minutes to have a perfect photo in agreement our pleasure.

How many do types of Software exist?

Although only three types of Software are mentioned, in fact are member of three great groups that subdivide themselves based on use.

The system software can be free, such as Linux, Canaima, Ubuntu, among others. Altogether they add around 40 types different from free Software.

In addition, they are those under a use license, which is due to pay for being used, between these they emphasize Windows in its versions 7 and 10; And Mac OS X.

Every one constitute of a division of software of programming and unique application in the case of which they require license but any modification needs an authorization on the part of the authorized company.

On the contrary, those of free software do not require permissions and are totally modifiable. In another order of ideas, they also are counted on the software of educative, medical type, numerical, industrial calculation.

Software de Sistema

types of system software
These are some operative system software.

It is considered as the operating system of a computer, which allows him to have a functionality and unique design according to the needs of each user.

In addition servant, device driver contains, utility, tool of correction and use, among others.

Knowing this, the system composes programs that direct the hardware devices and which they provide a unique interface to the user.

Software de Programación

It is designed mainly for expert users, known in the computer science world as programmers. In this they integrate a set of applications that allow a user to design their own software.

Between these are the text editors, compilers, interpreters, connectors, water purifiers and the integrated surroundings of development; making use of the universal knowledge and structured programming languages.

Software de Aplicación

applications package
Showing some types of movable applications.

The great part of the programs that we used in our daily life belongs to this type of software, since they allow us to carry out multiple tasks easily, from the writing of a document to the reproduction of a video in a webpage.

Blocs of notes are included in this software, publishers for photoshop, spreadsheets, social, navigating networks of Internet and integrated packages own of the operating system.

That types of Software use the mobiles and the Tablet?

The software used in the movable devices is totally different from which usually are used in a computer, although companies as Microsoft tries to integrate functions in its movable devices that until the today sun could only be used in one of their computers.

One of these functions is the programming of Microsoft Word, allowing him the capacity to the user to read, to write up and to modify any document type from an intelligent device that counts on the operating system of Windows Phone.

Also other movable operating systems lie, between which we emphasized the 5 better of the market according to its number and ease of use of sales.

In our pyramid, Android is more in the chasm as one of the used operating systems anywhere in the world, this based on Linux designed for intelligent movable devices, time later was improved for tablets in which it achieved a full success.

Its present developer is Google, this allowed other companies of telephony such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, among others; to include Android in its devices.

Secondly we have to operating system IOS, created by Apple. Its fame mainly is based on its perfect synchronization between software and the exclusive design of its hardware, in addition to a powerful camera owns an interface that this telephone only has, although for many by its cost he is almost inaccessible.

In center of this pyramid we were with Blackberry OS, created in Canada as an ambitious project directed to the enterprise world as a quite adaptable system to the exigencies of calculation and instantaneous mail.

Unfortunately it lost million users due to the restriction of Whatsapp and Blackberry Messenger.

Just underneath is Windows Phone, is an operating system designed by the Microsoft company. At the moment by version 10.0 it has had strong critics due to faults in its operating system and with respect to the security of the user.

Whereas last this Symbian OS, considered as one of the pioneers in the field of software movable, nevertheless at present is losing usuary in spite of going by its version 3.0.