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How to clear the password to a RAR file?

as clearing the password to a file to rar

These archives are also known as Winrar archives. These archives only own several documents of different formats compressed in one, this fulfills the purpose of facilitating the transport from a platform to another one and of reducing a little the size of these.

If usually you unload these archives, the possibility that fits some of them has an access password and who you do not have this password to complete the unloading of the compressed file. In this article we will explain some tricks in detail to you to clear the password of the RAR archives.

To clear Rar password Without programs

This trick usually works by a series of faults that owns the program of Winrar more (the archives decompress totally before requesting the password) than everything in the oldest versions. So we recommended to you to use programs of Winrar of smaller version to 3.x.

  • As first step you must decompress the file that you have unloaded, and that owns a password that you wish to eliminate.
  • When the program requests the password to you, any text writes at random.
  • These old versions of Winrar will continue decompressing the file although you have written an incorrect password. Reason why you will see that some documents of the compressed file during this process unload.
  • As last step, before finalizing the extraction process you will have to slow down the procedure. It copies the file that appears in the folder where the procedure is being realised. Later, it cancels the program.
  • You must have well-taken care of at the time of cancelling and slowing down the program since on that the unloading of the last document will depend.


Passfab is an Internet program that will help you significantly in eliminating the password of your RAR file in a time record. It is possible to emphasize that this program is of payment, although its price is considerably low for everything what can get to do. This program can be used in three pillars:

  • Dictionary: In this part of the tool you will have to unload an extension of dictionary, this with the purpose of to find the password doing use of the words of the extension dictionary.
  • Brute force Mask: If you remember some letters of the password of the compressed file, with this tool you will be able to assign to signs and possible symbols that help to solve the rest of the password.
  • Brute force: This part of the tool usually lasts more than the others since usually it proves all the possible combinations that exist to be able to solve the password of the file.

Password Genius:

A powerful method for Windows that clears the passwords of the compressed files:

  • Like the previous program. This program owns a menu where you will be able to choose the type of attack to be able to eliminate or to know the password of the file.
  • When having already selected the attack, it locates the file that you unloaded and it selects “Start”.
  • When obtaining the password the RAR file is going away to decompress.

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