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Types of computer viruses

types of computer viruses

A computer virus knows as a software that has the function to alter the operation of any type of device, or a computer or movable device.

Many types of computer viruses exist, these are designed by malicious programmers who have the intention to do violence to the services of security of another people's software.

Because of this he can include many reasons, between which they emphasize the obtaining of confidential documents or unique digital storage media archives.

It is by that many companies of national security use a type of software that only they can control by means of multiple keys of access, preventing the entrance to users nonauthorized.

In addition to being a safe software, to only try to enter it can cause severe consequences punished by the law.

as these computer viruses can enter our devices?

They generally do it without our permission or consent through malicious webpages, which we can enter accidentally when pressing one you publish deceptive or of another showy content.

On the other hand also other portable storage devices can enter when infecting, such as pendrive or extraíbles memory cards.

Some own the capacity to hide themselves in these opened devices until they are transferred to the being in another software.

Consequences of being affected by a computer virus

Their consequences turn out to be fatal for the data base of our computers, since some can talk back our documents of uncontrolled way and fill the memory of our devices causing that this diminishes its space, therefore slows down in many basic functions.

Of surprising way hundreds of types of computer viruses can be recognized that the simple fact to mention each, would take to everything a day to us to define them.

In order to summarize we have them 8 great groups, the computer viruses that live in the memory of the computer, those of direct action, on writing, sector of starting, polymorphic, macro virus, virus fat and those that are in force by a sequence of commandos in a direction Web.

Types of computer viruses and their characteristics

First of them is the computer virus that lives in the memory of our devices, these usually they activate when our operating system is executed, that is to say when we ignite the computer or the telephone.

Its function is to infect to all the archives that are opened of way selected by the user, that is to say which if you have been weeks working in an important file, logically you must open a pair to it of times. This virus in sequence identifies the document of importance and its modifications.

Its final act is to corrupt the file being modified its name, copying repeated it times in the storage folder or simply to block using it codes of execution designed by.

Virus of Direct Action

Secondly we have the virus of direct action, its main objective is to talk back itself when they are executed in other people's software, this virus is of processing, that is to say that acts in the root of the computer from the hard disk.

These types of virus have the capacity to change of position in the devices as they infect several archives to his step. In addition they are able to infect other external devices as long as they are related to contaminated software.

What are the virus of on writing?

These estan in the position I number 3 and they characterize themselves by the simple fact to erase the information contained in our folders.

Its damage is so severe that they can make unusable all a unit of registries quickly, causing that any anti-virus is incapable to be able to reclaim the totality of the erased information.

As eliminating the virus of on writing?

The only form to eliminate this virus, is erasing the file that contain it, losing therefore the information. It is very easy to detect this virus, since the original file that contains it loses its utility to the infected being.

Virus of the starting sector

In fourth place, this the virus of starting sector. Mainly it affects the starting of the HDD of our computers. Its damage generally is irreparable, since in severe cases the hard disk can completely be unutilised.

Macro Virus

In position number 5, they are the “macro virus”. These damage the archives that are created using own applications of a software, teles as documents doc, exe, pptx, etc.

They affect generally the archives of great size, there its name ‘’ macro' ‘. These archives mainly contain images, videos, platillas or documents of great weight.

Polymorphic virus

Its form of propagation is by means of a different codification whenever they are able to infect an operating system. This it can by email arrive at our software or other devices.

Fat virus

This fat mainly affects the table of codification in charge to store the archives in the hard disk, the space available and the one that no. Its danger is potentially lethal, since in certain places of the hard disk own archives keep from software.

The loss of them can cause the uselessness of the operating system in its totality.

Virus of Sequence of Commandos

These virus is connected to webpages and the great majority includes complicated codes to have a major and better interface.

This virus is accustomed to ‘’ alimentarse' ‘of these complex codes, modifying them thus to be able to give access to you publish and content trash, that stops the inexpert users is a lethal trap at the time of realising a single click.

Classification of computer viruses

Its very peculiar classification includes name and the majority of them owns frequent forms very little but simultaneously very known in the world, we have the computer virus in Trojan horse, those that are of type worm and that space in our computer grows as are consuming a greater amount of archives occupying.

On the other hand we have the virus mutant or chameleons, when perfectly they are done can replace the functions of a program perfectly, causing that the user blindly trusts them causing that its computer becomes infected diminishing its yield.

They exist a classification for denominated the virus voracious, when they enter a computer alter all the system of indiscriminate form. They are very dangerous because they consume, they alter, they erase and they block any file that is to its step.